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-  Rayna confronts Lamar after she learns some accusations from Tandy and Teddy.

- Lamar explains what happened the night of Rayna's mother's accident.

- Juliette tries to hide out at Avery's apartment.

- Avery helps Juliette get past her fear.

- Scarlett continues with the pills and crazy schedule.

- Will gets Brent fired.

- Deacon records an EP live at the Bluebird.

- Zoe makes a career move.

- Lamar has a heart attack in Teddy's office.

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Nashville Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Juliette: I'm quittin everything.
Emily: Before everyone quits you?

Ask your sister why she didn't testify on your father's behalf. Ask her what your father's capable of because she knows better than anybody.


Nashville Season 2 Episode 14 Music

  Song Artist
Connie britton the blues have blown away The Blues Have Blown Away Connie Britton iTunes
Pickwick well well Well, Well Pickwick iTunes
Nikki lane all or nothin All Or Nothin' Nikki Lane iTunes