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Maddie dyes her hair blond and tries to hide to from Deacon, who attempts to reconnect with her.

Rayna and Markus continue working together, but his drive keeps getting in the way of her family time. Maddie gets a solo record deal from Sony, but Rayna refuses to let her sign. 

On tour, Scarlett and Gunnar are a success, but Scarlett worries Gunnar is unfocused with Erin along for the ride. 

Luke tries to get Colt to open up in therapy, but he won't talk to anyone about what happened to Jeff because Luke refuses to come forward with the truth. 

With Juliette in rehab and Jeff dead, Luke struggles to pull his life together. Gabriella agrees to give their relationship a shot but only if they keep it a secret. 

Caleb begins to get annoyed by Scarlett's hectic schedule, but she feels like he's being unfair. 

When Deacon blows parenting discussions off to focus on the Beverly, Rayna finds helpful ear with Markus, who really gets her point of view.

Avery helps Will out with some songwriting to help them get over their broken hearts.

While Scarllet and Gunnar are on stage with Gunnar, Erin accidentally causes a power shortage in the middle of their set. They manage to save the show by going acoustic.

Daphne hears about Maddie's solo offer and begins to feel like no one needs her around anymore.

Deacon heads home to an angry Rayna becuase he won't step up and being a parent with her.  He admits that he's scared of messing up. 

Scarlett worries Gunnar won't do anything about Erin's mistake because of their sexual relationship, but instead she finds him yelling at Erin over her lack of experience.  

Luke tells Colt about his relationship with Gabriella, but he refuses to engage with his father.

Avery performs Will's song at the Bluebird on songwriter's night, and it's a huge success. A publisher offers to meet with Will.

During a family meeting, Deacon and Rayna tell the girls that they want them to sign together at Highway 65. Maddie kills Daphne's excitement by saying that the only reason they offered is too keep Maddie under control. 

Erin asks Gunnar to help her learn more about working a sound board by herself so she can stay on the tour. 

When Deacon sees a text from Markus to Rayna, he begins to get jealous.

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Nashville Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

You are ruining my life, mom! You're trying to keep me from doing the things I love, but you can't. Okay? You just can't!


How about we do it the old way?