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Deacon runs into a not so subtle interested woman while out with Maddie and Daphne.

Scarlett meets with Alyssa to do damage control. She suggests they change the narrative and do a surprise benefit performance. No media just fans.

Will is being pitched by Budweiser. They want a strong commercial with a new version of the man in black.

Deacon runs into Jessie at Highway 65. She's meeting with Zack who wants to sign her to the label.

Will is getting fitted for his commercial when Jacob shows up. He's still interested in Will and isn't happy to hear that he has a new boyfriend.He has some choice words about Zack.

Scarlett and Gunnar perform. Afterwards, Scarlett has a difficult conversation with a fan during her meet and greet.

Deacon meets with Jessie. Their business meeting gets personal quick.

Scarlett confronts Mackenzie Rhodes but the latter is not interested in apologizing to the former.

Will is concerned Zack seeing other people.

Scarlett finds her upset fan online and asks to meet up. The two meet at a coffee shop to talk.

Alyssa invites Deacon for drinks. She wants to get to know him more so she can understand how to help the label.

Zack gets a text/call in the middle of the night. Will is suspicious.

Deacon and Jessie have an awkward conversation about the future (or lack thereof) of their relationship.

Scarlett invites MacKenzie to an event she thinks will help her fans.

Will debuts his commercial for all of Highway 65.

Avery tells Juliette he's made a decision about his music career.

Deacon stops by Jessie's performance and is obviously impressed.


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Nashville Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

Isn't it scary when the whole world says you're one thing and you're not?


They had a fantasy about you and they were shocked to find out you're a real person. How dare you!