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Juliette is frustrated with the pace of her recovery and wants to speed things up. But she's mostly concerned with her physical recovery, not so much her mental or emotional state.

Will and Kevin have started looking for a place of their own but one of them is definitely more excited than the other.

Rayna continues to search for something to help her struggling label. She agrees to meet up with Zack Welles while he's in Nashville. Deacon is concerned Zack is interested in more than just making music.

Scarlett and Gunnar are planning to film a music video to advertise their upcoming album.

Juliette has a set back when she tries to do too much too fast and ends up having a panic attack. She returns to the church for guidance.

Will struggles with his feelings and seeks advice from Avery. Avery tries to help but he has his own issues to sort out.

Zack has a proposition for Rayna that could significantly help and change Highway 65. She looks to Deacon and Bucky to see what she should do.

Avery finally gets through to Juliette but realizes he may need more time before things between them progress.

Kevin catches Will in a lie and the two have an honest conversation about their future.

Rayna gets a mysterious package.




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Nashville Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Avery: Looks like you have F.O.M.O.
Will: What'd you call me?
Avery: F.O.M.O. -- fear of missing out.

Nurse: Now don't be disappointed if you don't get very far. It's normal since you're doing this way ahead of schedule.
Juliette: Well the medical director doesn't seem to think it's too soon.
Nurse: Yeah, he's got all those degrees. I just work with people.