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Glenn wants Juliette to perform again but she's only interested in finding Hallie.

Maddie is working at the studio. On her first day, she meets two artists who couldn't be more different.

We're introduced to Ashley Willerman. Internet sensation and aspiring singer. Avery and Deacon are hired to help her with her first album.

When Juliette doesn't hear from Hallie, she takes a risk and shows up at her house unannounced.

Rayna connects Gunnar and Scarlett with Highway 65's new overeager employee, Randall.

Avery struggles to work with Ashley.

Juliette wants to repay Hallie and decides to surprise her with a gift.

Maddie gets into trouble when she goes off on Ashley. Deacon tries to talk to her about and the two fight.

Rayna tries to talk some sense into Maddie and encourages her to make things right with her father.

Randall has a crush on Rayna and puts off a very creepy vibe.

Juliette celebrates a big step forward in her recovery.

Maddie finally apologizes to Deacon about the things she said during her emancipation hearing.

Avery misses music and performing. With Gunnar and Will's support, he's thinking about taking some time for himself.

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Nashville Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

If you can't see your way through then I'll see it for you.


Maddie: It was like I was her servant.
Daphne: Isn't that your job?
Maddie: What?
Daphne: You're an intern. That's literally what you get paid to do.