On Nashville Season 3 Episode 13, Rayna tries to get Maddie out of her contract with Edgehill, while Scarlett tries to help Deacon stay positive despite his failing health. Don't miss all the drama when you watch Nashville online!

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Rayna is furious to learn Teddy signed Maddie over to Edgehill. Teddy reveals why he signed Maddie, and how Jeff pushed him into a corner. She goes up against Jeff, and eventually tells Mr. Benton about everything that Jeff's done to his female artists. Jeff is fired and goes crawling to Layla's doorstep. Scarlett has a talk with the Doctor about Deacon's negativity. Deacon realizes he wants to fight for his life when he hears Maddie sing. Avery helps Sadie record while also helping her with her ex, Pete. Gunnar and Luke write a song after a boys night out with Will to help cheer Gunnar up over Kiley sleeping with Jason all those years ago, and to help Luke get over Rayna leaving him.

Episode Details

On Nashville Season 3 Episode 13, Rayna is shocked to discover Teddy agreed to sign Maddie as an artist over to Edgehill.

Rating: 4.4 / 5.0 (17 Votes)
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Nashville Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Rayna: Are you thinking this is just going to make you the cool Dad or do you really think this is a good idea?
Teddy: Yes I do, and I have every right to make decisions regarding my daughter's life?
Rayna: Not if I can help it you don't.

Scarlett: Say hi to Maddie for me.
Deacon: Why's she 'Facetiming' me now?
Scarlett: 'Cause you're her dad, and she wants time with your face.