On Nashville Season 3 Episode 14, Jeff, Will, Luke, and Layla scramble to get their careers in order after Edgehill folds. Rayna helps Sadie with her legal problems, while trying to figure out who to sign to her label. Don't miss out on all the drama when you watch Nashville online!

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When you wach Nashville Season 3 Episode 14, you'll see everyone trying to figure out what to do after Edgehill announces it's closing its doors. Jeff convinces Luke to create a label with him, but Luke decides he can't work with Jeff due to all the rumors surrounding his being fired from Edgehill. Rayna interviews potential new artists for the label. She ends up signing Layla. Rayna helps Sadie settle her legal troubles with Pete. Deacon avoids deciding to either stay on the transplant list or participate in a clinical trial by spending the say in the studio with Avery. He eventually decides to stay on the donor list. Scarlett takes some time for herself by performing with Gunnar and Avery. She also asks out Deacon's doctor on a date. Will decides to go with Luke's new label. Teddy worries about his relations with Natasha leaking. He fails to realize that a surveillance team overhears him talking with Natasha. Juliette does a photo shoot for Vogue magazine.

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On Nashville Season 3 Episode 14, everyone scrambles to get their careers in order after Edgehill announces it's closing its doors.

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Nashville Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

I've made a lot of mistakes for someone my age, but you know I can't really regret them because without them I wouldn't ... All I know is that I've finally found what I want to say with my music, and I just want to be on a label that lets me be me.


Juliette: Glenn finally warms Anna Wintour up to the idea of me, and I'm wearing a tent!?
Emily: Correction, a designer tent.