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Our mystery begins as a couple’s car is rammed as they overlook a cliff. The driver of the ramming car is bleeding out from gunshot wounds.

After he plunges to his demise off the cliff, we learn that the driver, Navy Lt. Brian Roth was driving a car belonging to a missing socialite.

One named Aubrey Darva, who the team goes undercover to the club scene to track down Aubrey, and frees from an underground break-in ring.

She says she had sex with Roth but he left afterward in the middle of the night and she had no idea where he was going or why he took her car.

Ultimately, we learned that Roth’s murder was tied to someone he saw at the house, independent of the break-in crew Aubrey was a part of.

LAPD liaison Marty Deeks returned to assist the team, much to Sam's chagrin, as he still holds out hope for the return of missing Dom Vail.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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