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The team receives a tip that Dom is alive. They have 24 hours to release a captured terrorist leader or he dies.

Unfortunately, whatever U.S. government agency has the terrorist isn't talking. So they're at square one.

Hunting down clues, they see that Sam's old buddy Mo is involved with the group holding Dom for ransom.

They conclude that he's in the Sudan ... or Chad, or Somalia. Sam wants to get in the air and figure it out later.

Callen is not so sure.

Hunting down leads to try and figure out where he's held, they find a prominent financier who they think might be tied to the terrorists.

In a performing arts center, they attempt to smoke them out ... and we learn Dom is right there in that same building.

Right there in L.A. Hiding in plain sight almost.

With Mo's help, he's able to free himself, and escape to the roof, where Sam, Callen and Kensi are in a major firefight.

Sadly, Dom is shot and dies before a medical helicopter arrives and they can all escape together.

The rest of the terrorists are taken out by Sam, Callen and Kensi.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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