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Deeks and Kensi arrest Olivia Baird. Hetty pops up on Eric's screen. She has lined up NCIS Special Agent Jasmine Garcia to help Eric. Jasmine bulldozes Eric and identifies Petty Officer Vincent Davis as a suspect. Davis tries to run from Sam and Callen but Harm takes him down. Davis is also Chechen, like Michael Baird. Davis admits to being Muslim but lawyers up. Olivia says that something has gone wrong with the Russian mission. The Allegiance has gotten an order to sail to the Iranian coast in response to a buildup. Sam recruits the SEALs onboard to help them find the other ISIS agent. Deeks and Kensi are flying to the carrier. Hetty recruits Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie to gain her access to the Russian attache Yashnikov. Mac hasn't seen Harm in nine years, since they split up. She's working for the State Department. Mac and Hetty interrupt Yashnikov's lunch with his mistress. He says the Chechens have double-crossed the Russians but won't cooperate further. Another agent is found murdered. Sam and Callen threaten to let Davis loose. Davis admits the Chechens joined forces with ISIS. Davis says he has a deal with David WIlliamson of the CIA. Williamson is actually Sabatino. The ship has gotten orders to set sail. An ISIS missile battery is targeting Israel and Riyahd. Sam and Callen send Kensi and Deeks after Sabatino, and Sam sends a SEAL to help them. Mac traps Yashnikov in a compromising position and blackmails him to order Olivia to contact the Chechens. Sabatino is trying to stop ISIS's missile attack, or at least any retaliation. Olivia is trying to contact another Chechen onboard. An ISIS contingent attacks Sabatino's camp. Olivia identifies Gunner's Mate Michael Skinner, who activates other moles. They take over the damage-control center. ISIS launches its missiles. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 24 Quotes

This really takes priority over your insecurities. And that's what they are -- insecurities, right?

Jasmine [to Eric]

Or you have the right to freak out and yell a lot.

Deeks [to Olivia]