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Deeks and Kensi are setting up the bar for the OSP holiday party since Rogers banned it from the office. He doesn't think people should be drinking around firearms. DeChamps has come up from San Diego to help them find Ernie Garza, a Marine reservist with PTSD who disappeared after shooting up a Christmas tree lot. Rogers tells Callen Anna was injured and hospitalized after an altercation in prison. Sam and DeChamps interview Staff Sgt. Brad Hawkins, who was the driver during Garza's rampage. Callen and Arkady meet up at the hospital. Anna has two broken ribs and a fractured forearm. Garza's girlfriend gives Deeks gingerbread for the party. Sam and DeChamps capture Garza at the marina. Both Hawkins and Garza blacked out. Arkady blames Callen for Anna's being imprisoned. A man was watching Garza and Hawkins at the bar. The man asked Garza about his job in waste management. Callen visits with Anna. Sam and DeChamps check out Garza's workplace. Sam suspects someone plans to steal expired medicine from there, and they find a truckful of meds has been stolen, to be resold on the street. Maze Cooper, a man photographed nearby, was connected to drug dealer Joe Jirani. Maze introduces DeChamps to Jirani. Sam attempts to buy the shipment from Jirani. Jirani and Maze run, but Deeks and Kensi knock them out. Garza and Hawkins are repairing the Christmas-tree lot. Arkady fears that Anna was attacked for her connection to him. Nell and Eric make holiday plans to go to Yosemite for a special English dinner. DeChamp shows up for the party. Callen doesn't make it because he's staying at the hospital with Anna. Deeks makes a toast to those who are not with them: Hidoko, Granger, and Hetty. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 11 Quotes

Nurse [to Callen]: Are you immediate family?
Anatoly: He isn't, but I'm Anna's father.

All you need is 'Deeks the Halls.'

to Deeks}