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Sam and Callen are trapped inside a movie theater the exits of which are wired with explosives. A man running out an exit sets off a bomb, trapping two brothers. Callen helps the boys, pulling out one. Sam is treated the wounded. On surveillance, Nell locates the hooded man who set off the suicide vest on Jalil inside the theater.  The bomb squad clears up some exits so everyone can get out. Seven were killed in the theater. The injured terrorist said his cell had nothing to do with the theater attack. Sam and Callen find the missing moneyman Omar dead at the warehouse where the terrorist broadcast was made. Omar was held hostage to make Jalil wear the suicide vest. The other two dead bodies were mechanics from a nearby airport. Sam and Callen go undercover as airport mechanics. They approach a couple of suspect baggage handers. Sam shoots one while Callen chases the other. Sam finds a bomb in a bag. Deeks and Kensi find a South African mercenary posing as a janitor, and Kensi takes him down. Sam can't deactivate the bomb fast enough, so he drives away with the baggage cart. Sam jumps just before the explosion. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 15 Quotes

If Eddie's hurt, my mom's gonna kill me.

Elias [to Callen]

This is going to hurt. But it's the only way.

Sam [to injured man]