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A pilot spots a UFO during a training drill. Anna tells Callen that she's going stir crazy waiting for the CIA to expunge her criminal records.Walter Anderson, a Department of Defense officer, has disappeared. DIA Agent Sarah Raines, his partner, tells Sam, Callen, and Eric that Anderson had been investigating a UFO. She added that he had been shutting her out lately. Anderson had been meeting with Jason Ward, a fellow believer and photographer. Ward said Anderson told him that he was an insurance agent. Ward's photo that Anderson was interested in had disappeared after a break-in at Ward's apartment. Every clock in Anderson's apartment is 37 minutes slow, staged to look like an alien abduction. Anna leaves Callen's apartment. Anna ducks into a restaurant, where her father Arkady is drinking. Nell and Fatima were able to track an SUV that visited Anderson's house at 2 a.m., and the SUV went to an abandoned Asian restaurant. Anderson is being held hostage there. Sam and Callen rescue him. Two men in the SUV evade Kensi and Deeks. Anderson had been drugged with truth serum. Anna called Arkady from around the corner. Raines is stealing information on a Navy experimental aircraft to sell to the Chinese. She knocks out Eric and runs. Arkady calls Callen. Anna turns herself in to LAPD after making a false 911 call. The one agent NCIS has in custody gives up the site of the exchange. Deeks chases Raines, who trips over a homeless man, while Kensi and Sam catch the two agents. Nell tells Callen that Anna is in custody. She tell him she's ready to go back to prison to protect him, but Anna's criminal record has disappeared. Arkady storms in to the bar and hugs Anna. Anna's cellmate has broken out of prison.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11 Episode 18 Quotes

Anna: Go. Go. Save the day.
Callen: I'll get my cape.

You're putting everything on the line to harbor a fugitive.

Anna [to Callen]