A female burglar discovers a body in the midst of a robbery. Sam leads the team on a Zoom workout. Anna is visiting Callen. Deeks and Kensi put a bid on a house. The body was Navy Reservist Terry Coleman. DeChamps is being brought in to partner with Kensi. Anna has stopped by en route to rebuild homes in distressed neighborhoods. Sam and Callen are trying to find the burglars. The merchandise Sam finds was all stolen. Callen locates video of the van which was at the crime scene. Kensi and DeChamps investigate Coleman. Fatima and Roundtree pick up Rachelle Chung, the burglar who found Coleman's body. Coleman's ex tells Kensi and DeChamps that he was moonlighting at a bar. Rochelle, who gives Fatima grief for being her elder, says she was told to break in by JoJo Ballard and her boyfriend Marcus Babu. JoJo and Marcus claim Rachelle was behind the robbery. They say Rochelle found out about the stolen merchandise from a rich boyfriend. Rochelle gives up the man's Instagram handle, Blood Lime. His real name is Donny Mason, a part-owner of the bar where Coleman worked. The DEA investigated him for money laundering. Callen suggests that Mason is sitting on a lot of money because of the pandemic. Nell locates Mason's current residence, where Sam and Callen find him dead. Sam finds fingerprints outside Mason's gate. They're from Lincoln Benavidez, who owns the bar to which both Coleman and Mason were both connected. Sam and Callen cut off Benavidez's van, then he rams Roundtree and Fatima's SUV. His van is full of money. Coleman had recorded Benavidez making him an offer to kill Mason and turned it over to LAPD. When Callen gets home, Anna tells him she has gotten the call to leave.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 4 Quotes

Sam: L.A. needs a good, heavy rain.
Callen: Great. More mudslides.

Anna: I think we all need to see pictures of Lifeguard Callen.
Callen: Not gonna happen.
Fatima: I'm thinking feathered hair.