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A manhunt is underway. David Kessler is one of the escapees who gets caught. He insists on talking to Kensi, who had busted him, about fellow escapee Randy Sinclair, an ex-CIA agent and a psychopath. Sinclair had previously threatened to kill the President. Deeks and Kensi are debating fertility treatments. Deeks, who is supposed to be on leave from NCIS, is listening to Kensi's conversation with Kessler even though he wasn't supposed to. Kessler tells Kensi that he's coming after her when he gets out. Callen talks with Kessler's ex Michelle Boucher. Sam and Roundtree go to help out the FBI with the search for Sinclair. Kessler says he's blackmailing powerful people in government. Sam and Roundtree determine that Sinclair has backup. Fatima discovers Kessler's ex-lawyer has a connection to the White House. Kessler tries to get inside of Kensi's head. She rattles him by talking about his mommy issues. Kessler wants to get immunity and to be locked in a room with his abusive mother. Sam and Roundtree find a dead guard. Kensi offers a conversation with Michelle. She agrees to talk with Kessler. But she freaks when she hears his voice. Sam discovers that a chopper had been there for Sinclair. Nell tells Deeks that the LAPD liaison position has been terminated permanently and that NCIS is unlikely to hire a him as a new agent at his age. Kessler wants to call the President then he'll tell what he knows about Sinclair. The President agrees to a two-minute call. A Secret Service agent gives him a sat phone. Kessler says the chopper was a decoy, to get the search called off. He insists Kensi get him a map. He picks out a cave. Sam and Roundtree capture him. Kessler was released by executive order. Boucher disappeared earlier. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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