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Kensi was wearing a vest! She survived the sniper shot and took off after the shooter. She goes dark from NCIS in search of the killer and the truth about her father. It leads her to her estranged mother that she hasn't seen in 15 years. Granger no longer believes that Kensi is a killer. Kensi tracks the mystery to the daughter of a journalist that was killed just before her father. Unfortunately, she gets there too late as the daughter was already killed. They find out that a presumed deceased member of the sniper team, Clairemont, faked his own death and is behind the killings. Kensi tracks down Clairemont and decides not to kill him, but to let the NCIS team take him into custody. Clairemont pulls a gun forcing Granger to shoot him. Kensi is reunited with her mother and receives her father's sniper log with letters to her from Granger.


NCIS: Los Angeles
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