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- A marine, Lt. Prietto, is killed in the Middle East and his wife is confused by the military's explanation of his death. He told her he was stationed near Kandahar, but the Marine Corp said he died near the Pakistani border. This discrepancy leds her to believe there was a cover-up going on. She hires a private investigator to look into the situation and he's killed outside the morgue. When she goes to see her husband's body in the morgue, she finds that he was a skin and bone donor, even though he never authorized that. NCIS is brought in to review both cases and to see if they are related.


- Hetty calls in Nate to assist in the case because he has a friendly relationship with the coroner, Rose. They utilize that friendship to interrogate her and search her home. She ends up not being involved and doesn't appreciate the intrusion.


- The investigation leads them to Ian, who works in the morgue. He was part of an organ stealing ring with a local funeral home. The private investigator and Ian both end up dead over and the funeral director is arrested.


- Lt. Prietto was killed in action during a highly classified mission and that explained the discrepancy over the location of his death.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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