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A college student is electrocuted while taking part in a science trivia game. The student, Yuri Volonev, was working on a Navy contract, a power supply for a railgun. Another student, Oluwa Tinabu, said that Yuri told him that someone was trying to hack into his classified files. Callen and Hanna check out the bar where the game was held, and find a young girl hiding in the server room. The girl is Nadia, Yuri's daughter, and they take her to the hospital where her mother, Pamela, is sitting with Yuri. Nadia is a genius who has been accepted early to college, but is too shy to stay on campus. Since Deeks couldn't bond with the nerds, Granger sends Nell undercover. Drones being tested swoop at another student on the project, Minjun Rhee. As Callen and Hanna are leaving the Volonev home, two men kidnap Nadia. Nadia sends a text from her cell phone, allowing Eric to track her location, and Callen and Hanna rescue her. Nell and Deeks plant a module as bait in the professor's office, and Deeks catches the thief, Ganeev Patel, after a scooter chase. She claims she was just taking the module home for programming. Callen and Hanna get her to turn on her partner, Scott Young, by telling her about Nadia's kidnapping. Patel admits that she was doing it for the money, since her family was in difficult financial straits. She sets up Young and Callen and Hanna catch him and his accomplice. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 8 Quotes

Kensi: You trying to be funny?
Sullivan: Actually I was shooting for disarming, with a touch of charm.

Callen: Kids need a supportive family.
Hanna [to Callen and Deeks]: They do. Otherwise they'll end up like you two knuckleheads.