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Three airmen take over two nuclear launch centers, giving them the capability of launching missiles. One is Captain Kevin Miller, who Kensi once dated. The FBI brings in Kensi to try to get through to Miller, along with his sister Tiffany. Mosley orders the team to investigate the three officers, but she won't give them any details. Kensi tries to bond with Tiffany. All three were ROTC students, and Professor Ted Holmes taught at the three universities they attended. The trio is planning to launch nuclear strikes on Muslim countries, to end the war of terror. Holmes tries to run from Deeks, Sam and Callen, but Harley takes him down. Kensi briefs Tiffany on what to say to Miller. Callen figures out that the airmen are planning to shoot nuclear missiles. Holmes hints that he has agents across all branches of the military. Sam gets Holmes to admit he's going after Muslims. The FBI tries to sneak up on Miller and Captain Ross, but trigger an explosion. A total of 17 suspect officers are taken into custody. The FBI wants to send in Kensi through a narrow escape tunnel. Nell and Eric identify NSA Analyst Curtis Dinard as the handler for the trio of airmen. Miller is communicating with the authorities via computer. Kensi calls Deeks to say goodbye before she goes into the tunnel. Sam leads an assault team searching for Dinard. Callen kills him dangling from the roof, and they recover one disc containing the names of the group's financiers. The FBI blows the hatch, then Kensi goes down the tunnel with a grenade and a gun, killing Ross and Miller. Deeks and Kensi go through an uneasy reunion upon her return to headquarters.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 7 Quotes

If I were you, I'd hurry, Agent Blye.

Mosley [to Kensi]

Callen: Where's Kensi?
Deeks: We took separate cars.
Callen: What'd you do?