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Wyatt Prescott, a Navy lieutenant, suffers a fatal fall at a charity gala. LaSalle found a big bag of pills and alcohol in an upstairs room. Right before he fell, guests had heard an argument. Butler, the family's lawyer, actively interferes with the investigation. Gator Huffman, the state coroner, has taken away Wyatt's body from Loretta and insists his death was an accident. His body is going to be cremated. Butler declares the case closed. Prescott was in contact with Michael Martin, a former CGIS agent. Martin said someone was moving contraband in purgatory containers. He had asked Wyatt to look into it. Soon Martin was out of work and Wyatt was dead. Loretta still has a sample of Wyatt's blood, which showed he had been dosed. Gregorio and Sebastian stake out a purgatory container and arrest the two men who came there. They find counterfeit cash hidden inside the walls of the container. Wyatt's brother Bryce was behind the operation and Wyatt had confronted him. Butler puts Bryce on a plane and tells Pride. He arrests her for obstruction. Only Bryce's phone was on the plane when it landed in Havana. Hannah tells Caleb to bring Bryce to NCIS, then LaSalle and Gregorio tail Caleb, who knows what Bryce was doing. But Caleb runs down Bryce. They find Caleb hiding out at a private club. Caleb refuses to obey Butler and says Bryce killed Wyatt because he was going to expose his operation. Bryce wasn't at the party so he couldn't have killed Wyatt. The mother was negotiating a merger and couldn't afford a scandal. So Pride calls Butler to his bar. He knows she got the pills for Angela Prescott and thinks Angela killed Wyatt. He wants her help to nail Angela. Angela admitted a drugged Wyatt tripped and fell down the stairs. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Let's get you away from the plants before all your plants come running out of your nose.

Gregorio [to Sebastian]

Pride: What can you tell me, Loretta?
Loretta: My entire house can fit in this room.