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A bomb at a military museum kills two and critically injures seven. The team interrogates protestors and a provocateur who were at the museum. Sebastian can't talk a surviving seaman into letting a piece of shrapnel be removed from near her spinal cord. A suspect identified by the provocateur, Alan Van Scyoc, is the brother of a man on trial for murder. Alice Logan, killed by the blast, was scheduled to be a witness in that trial. Pride thinks the bombing was a hit. Van Scyoc gets arrested. He denies any involvement then lawyers up. Sebastian finds Van Scyoc's DNA on the backpack.and the case is closed. A bomb goes off in the NOPD evidence room, killing Sebastian's friend Lana and injuring him. The bomb was in the evidence. Van Scyoc had been in custody, so someone else set off the second bomb. Sebastian checks himself out of the hospital and goes back to the original crime scene. Sebastian wants to re-create the bombing from virtual evidence. He finds an image of Colton Wolf, a former ballastics expert, with whom Van Scyoc was working. Logan testified against Wolf. Sebastian disappears and goes to urge the injured seaman to let him have the fragment in her body. He tells her about Lana's death in the second bombing. She agrees to the surgery. Then Sebastian collapses from his head injury. Gregorio threatens him to keep him in bed. The fragment came from a cell phone bought by Wolf, but he's disappeared. Pride and LaSalle talk Van Scyoc into helping them find Wolf. He admits that it was supposed to be a warning to Logan. Then Van Scyoc is shot by Wolf. LaSalle chases him, followed by Pride. A cornered Wolf pulls a gun and is shot down. Van Scyoc will survive and testify. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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