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A car with two women in it is nailed by a hit-and-run driver. Ryan, Hannah's estranged husband, drops by to visit Pride at his SAC office. Ryan has a contact that Hannah doesn't know about, who can get them closer to Apollyon. Commander Sandra Barnes, a doctor and the driver, was killed, while her passenger, Natalie Leighton, is hospitalized. Loretta finds fentanyl in the car. Natalie's father said she used to be hooked on pills. Pride tells Hannah about his connection with the Apollyon task force, and that he needed Ryan's help. Natalie's dad, Dylan Samuels, is Barnes' ex-husband. He's a conman who changed his name. Samuels' car is the same color as the one that killed Barnes. Hannah confronts Ryan about getting involved with the Apollyon investigation. Samuels claims his SUV was stolen. He says his wife Candace took his car. Patton finds surveillance showing Candace driving that vehicle near the scene of the hit-and-run. Gregorio still thinks Samuels did it. Pride asks Hannah to put her personal feelings aside about Ryan working on the Apollyon case. Natalie and Barnes were going to expose Samuels. Natalie denies that she'd had a relapse and gives a sample of her blood. Samuels has Candace committed. Gregorio tries to attack him. Scopolamine is found in Natalie's blood, and the same drug could have caused Candace to drive into Barnes' car. Gregorio defies the nursing staff and slips into the psych ward where Candace is being held. Patton finds a third wife of Samuels'. He had been surveilling both Candace and Natalie. Candace's room at the psych ward is also bugged. Samuels captures Gregorio, holding a gun on her. Samuel admits he killed Barnes and Gregorio broadcasts it with an earwig. The team sweeps in for the arrest. Hannah agrees to Ryan's involvement. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

Pride: Natalie's mom is married to the victim's ex.
Gregorio: You'd think that was something he'd have mentioned, huh?

Our relationship is complicated.

Ryan [to Pride]