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A pizza delivery guy is shocked to discover the dead body of a Navy petty officer, Maya Kettering, at her home. The NCIS team soon arrives to investigate, and they are shocked (and somewhat irked) to learn that the local sheriff is none other than Walt Osorio, who they previously met as a member of the Sherlocks.

Furthermore, Walt has deputized the other Sherlocks, including probationary member Anthony DiNozzo, Sr., in order to help investigate the crime.

They learn that the Kettering home was apparently robbed, and thousands of dollars were missing from a stash in the freezer. Furthermore, Maya and her husband were having troubles.

Working together, the two teams also discover that Michael Kettering was having an affair with another woman, who had no idea Michael was already married.

However, Michael appears to have a solid alibi, having been on a flight at the time of the murder.

The alarm company technician is a suspect briefly, but they determine that he is merely a burglar and not a murderer.

Finally, Gibbs realizes what they all missed: Michael had actually found a body double and switched clothes with him, taking an earlier flight in time to murder his wife.

After the successful conclusion to the case, Senior expresses his pleasure at being a part of the Sherlocks group as well as all the good things in his life, and Gibbs agrees that he deserves it.

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NCIS Season 14 Episode 14 Quotes

The pizza delivery guy found her body in thirty minutes or less.


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