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Torres and Bishop are undercover, trying to expose a drug-smuggling ring operating out of Norfolk. They clone the phone of a man, Jared Turner, only for him to be violently murdered moments later.

Against explicit instructions, Torres continues the undercover operation and approaches Jared's co-conspirators, who work out of a boat shop at the marina. Torres and Bishop are recruited to help in the trafficking.

The rest of the team discovers that Jared was shot by a gun registered to a teacher, who points the finger at her unsavory sister-in-law, Frankie.

Meanwhile, Mitchell, the owner of the boat shop, orders Bishop to kill Frankie in order to prove her loyalty. A timely intervention by Torres allows Bishop to deliver Frankie into the hands of NCIS.

Back at the boat shop, a confrontation goes down between Torres, boat-owner Lane, Mitchell, and Mitchell's fellow drug-smuggling assistant, Donnie.

When Bishop, McGee, and Gibbs get back to the shop, Torres and Donnie are gone and Lane is dead. Mitchell reveals that Lane wasn't the head of the operation at all.

As Torres tries to entice Donnie to turn against his drug-smuggling boss, Donnie reveals that he is the boss and forces Torres to drive him to a safe house.

Fortunately, Mitchell already gave up the location to Gibbs and company, and they arrive in time to save Torres.

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NCIS Season 15 Episode 11 Quotes

McGee: Where’s they go?
Gibbs: Not the question.
McGee: What happened?
Gibbs: *That’s* the question!

She looks more “band camp” than “bad-ass.”

Bishop [regarding a suspect]