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A jogger named Amber discovers the remains of a person of interest in a Navy case after having been drawn to the shed in the middle of the wood by a mysterious voice.

When she continues to hear the voice, the team is split as to whether she's mentally unstable or somehow psychically gifted. Regardless, Director Vance demands Gibbs work with her to see if she can give any further clues to the case.

Jack Sloane sits with her for awhile before Amber has flashes of insight that lead them to the case of Thomas Westbay, an OSHA investigator who died in a suspicious car crash.

She later creates a map that leads them to a hidden box containing the technology that killed both victims -- items that have Amber's fingerprints on them, pointing to her as their killer rather than a witness.

Talking with Amber's ex-husband, the team gradually puts together a picture. Her daughter was killed in a building collapse. The first victim supplied faulty steel in its construction, then bribed Westbay to clear his company of culpability afterwards.

Amber suffered a fugue and suppressed the memory of murdering the two men. As she's being shipped to a psych hospital, however, she escapes and makes a move on her third target, a DOD investigator who had been bribed by Westbay.

She tricks him into confessing to accepting the bribes and allows herself to be taken back into custody.

Meanwhile, McGee is amazed to discover that he and Delilah are having twins, a boy and a girl.

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NCIS Season 15 Episode 8 Quotes

Jimmy: Can people really talk to the dead?
Ducky: You’re seriously asking me? The real question is--
Gibbs: Can they talk back?
Jimmy: And the answer is--
Gibbs: No!

Gibbs: You ever see this guy before?
Amber: It’s hard to tell with the maggots crawling out of his eyeballs, but no.