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An MI5 officer, Nigel Ford, confronts a fugitive Serbian arms dealer, Andre Yorka, outside a minimart in America. After a brief exchange of gunfire, Yorka escapes, leaving Ford fatally wounded.

Ford places a call to his close friend, Agent Jack Sloane, who brings in the NCIS team to investigate the murder. As they examine the crime scene, however, Abby calls McGee to tell him that Delilah is in labor, and he rushes to the hospital.

While at the hospital, McGee actually spots Yorka in the emergency room. Not wanting to make a scene, he asks Morgan, a helpful security guard, to keep an eye on Yorka while he calls for backup.

Unfortunately, Yorka realizes something's up and causes a hostage situation, wounding Morgan. Soon, he had McGee, Gibbs, and Bishop all at gunpoint, along with another female hostage.

The female is actually his accomplice. Torres and Reeves discover that Yorka planned to bomb a peace conference. They find and disarm the bomb, which was hidden under a food cart.

At the hospital, Yorka demands a doctor to remove the bullet. Sloane pretends to be a doctor and removes the bullet. After Gibbs gets confirmation that the bomb was located and disarmed, they swiftly overpower and capture Yorka and his accomplice.

Unfortunately, it was not soon enough to save Morgan, who dies from blood loss. Delilah, however, successfully delivers a boy and a girl. They name the boy John, after McGee's father, and the girl Morgan, after the brave security guard.

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NCIS Season 15 Episode 9 Quotes

Torres: Oh, great. Now Metro PD sends the crime scene surveillance? Little late for that.
Reeves: Is it?
Torres: Seriously? There could be a bomb downstairs and you’re worried about a crime scene.
Reeves: All right, let’s just stand here waiting for the lift to open patiently, shall we?

Torres: It’s a bomb, right?
Reeves: Well, it’s gotta be. It’s a brick of C-4! Or clay, maybe.
Torres: Clay?! Why would it be clay?! With six wires and a mortar and clay?
Reeves: I don’t know, then it’s C-4! Shouldn’t there be a timer? There’s always a timer in the movies!
Torres: There’s no timer, but it’s definitely ticking.
Reeves: It’s absolutely ticking.
Torres: So what now?
Reeves: I don’t know, call the bomb squad?
Torres: What if there’s no time?
Reeves: How would you know if there’s no time?!