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Gibbs found himself in the frame for a murder.

His blood was on a former Marine named Ellen who was presumed dead after 9/11.

Gibbs tried to keep the team off the scene, but it emerged that he was engaged to the woman.

However, he dumped her two months prior to her death.

Ellen called him the night of her murder, poking a hole in his story.

McGee told Sloane to interrogate Gibbs to get some solid answers.

In doing so, a Gibbs said that he could no longer trust his instincts. 

Gibbs met with Ellen's father, who asked him to find a way to bring the killer to justice. 

Gibbs's team realized that the man named Daniel signed into the Pentagon the night Ellen never signed back out.

What's more, her remains were found close to his house at the time.

Gibbs managed to get a confession out of him, and his ex got the funeral she deserved.

Her father even forgave Gibbs for everything.


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NCIS Season 16 Episode 20 Quotes

Wait, is that Gibbs? And a hot Gibbs?


Palmer: It’s like watching John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors at Wimbledon.
Torres: That is the whitest thing I’ve ever heard.