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Kasie accidentally solved a 30 year old cold case by putting evidence into the system on a new weekend role. 

In the process, she learned the identity of the man accused of killing a child. 

However, it turns out the evidence should never have been in the system because he was acquitted from the most recent crime. 

Gibbs and Bishop tried to find a way to get the man caught and sent away. 

However, he was killed before there was much time to process any of what was going on. 

McGee was sent to Sillicone Valley to learn about a new job for him, but he was there gathering information for Vance about the Cayman Island account. 

In the end, he learned the account was no longer active. He was caught and fired, but Gibbs opened a can of whoop ass on the phone to the lady from the company. 

Things took a turn when Mallory was found over the body of Clarke. 

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NCIS Season 16 Episode 21 Quotes

Dead gets us DNA now.


I wanted to kill the man who killed my family.