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Gibbs bursts into a small-town police department with Ziva and Sahar. Bishop is missing and Torres and McGee cover for her with Vance. Bishop shows up at the police department. Capitol Police kill a suicide bomber. NCIS still don't know which senator was the target. Ziva returns to Gibbs' basement, where she runs into Ducky. Jack interrogates Sahar, and Sahar says a congressman is the target. Torres tells Gibbs there's been another attack by a suicide bomber. Both bombers were white supremacists. Gibbs sends McGee to meet with Ziva and they catch up. Ari had been a part of Sahar's Hamas splinter group, which fell apart after Ziva killed Ari. McGee convinces her to come back to NCIS headquarters. Torres finally meets Ziva. Kasie said the bombs wouldn't have gone off and the attacks were fake. The bombmaker is Dwight Colton. Gibbs finds a bug that Ziva planted. Torres and Ziva stage a fake fight to draw out the white supremacists at Colton's headquarters, which allows NCIS to get the drop on them. Chief Freydano is working with Sahar. Ziva blames Gibbs for not coming to make sure she was really dead. Sahar wanted the Capitol Police to activate the Iron Citadel provision of the Patriot Act. Freydano was also in contact with Ducky's phone, which he had lent to Ziva. It appears Ziva is working with Sahar, who has escaped. Freydano got picked up trying to leave the country. Freydano said Sahar made a deal with Ziva at the police station, and said Ziva moved Sahar's frozen assets. Ziva alerted Interpol, who will arrest Sahar's people when they go to pick up the money. Sahar's thugs shoot her, then get shot by NCIS. Gibbs has DInozzo call and hands the phone to Ziva. 

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NCIS Season 17 Episode 2 Quotes

[Gibbs] did not know you were coming?

Ziva [to Bishop]

Did I come at a bad time?

Bishop [to Ziva]