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Teens discover pigs eating a body. Torres just found out that Elena, the woman he has been dating, has a son. The body has a Marine tattoo on his arm. Torres finds a room key to a motel in Virginia. The room was rented to Aaron Shaw, a former Marine. Gibbs finds a series of live-streaming cameras above every room in the motel's attic. Torres meets Elena's adult son, Marine Staff Sgt. Richard "Ricky" Devol. Kasie finds fiberglass particles in Shaw's lungs, which match the insulation in the motel attic. He had been receiving payments from Congressman Eric Riley. Riley admitted to taking a woman to the motel. He was getting blackmailed so he went to Shaw, a childhood friend, for help. Jimmy tells Gibbs that Shaw was beaten to death. Richard and Ellie arrive at the same restaurant as Torres and Elena and they have an awkward double date. McGee, Bishop, and Torres go to pick up a suspect, Daniel Mulgrew, but they find him dead in front of a bank of monitors showing live footage from 13 motels in the D.C. area. Mulgrew wasn't the blackmailer but was working for him. Mulgrew used to work for the NSA but was forced out for spying on female coworkers. His suicide was staged. Jimmy warns Torres about having an interoffice romance while McGee does the same with Bishop. The threatening emails to Mulgrew came from the email of Patrick Norian, his former access manager at the NSA. He admits he was the blackmailer but he was at a hockey game in Arizona on the nights of the murders. Riley was targeted by a Russian spy, Marina Bazarov. Riley was trading government secrets for sex. His campaign sign was the blunt weapon that killed Shaw. Elena dumps Torres. 

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NCIS Season 17 Episode 7 Quotes

McGee: Find anything up there, boss?
Gibbs: Yeah, and it's not rats.

Jimmy is in the van because he's scared of pigs.