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Trey, the nephew of a petty officer, is murdered at his welcome-home-from-prison party. While his aunt thought that he had reformed, his running buddies said that Trey had been seen with a lot of money after he got out. The murder weapon was a filed-down toothbrush. Trey had been drinking with Dante Brown, his former cellmate. Trey had attacked Dante in prison. Dante is also Kasie's best friend and she is at his house when the team comes to arrest him. He was on his way to a job interview. Dante denies Trey attacked him. Dante went to prison the first time for protecting Kasie's baby brother from a gang. Dante helped rehabilitate dogs while in prison. The guards didn't remember the fight between Trey and Dante. McGee reviews the prison tapes to find the fight. Kasie watched Dante's dog Theo for a month before Dante got out of prison. Kasie locates then hides a shiv she finds stashed in Theo's house. Theo's hair doesn't match the dog hair found on Trey's body. Kasie tested the shiv then told Gibbs and Bishop about discovering it. Dante says the shiv was planted in his backyard. Kasie gets Dante to make a list of people who might have framed him. Vance calls up Kasie to support her instincts to fight for Dante. McGee finds the video of the fight between Trey and Dante. Kasie confronts him in prison. He begs for her help. Listening to prison calls, Bishop discovers that the hit on Trey was ordered from inside. Kasie finds the hair came from the dog of Prison Sgt. Desmond Walters, who was smuggling drugs into the prison with contractor Noel Grant. Trey moved drugs for him inside the prison. Kasie and Dante decide to help other wrongfully imprisoned inmates.

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NCIS Season 17 Episode 6 Quotes

I see your friend's murder didn't affect your appetite.


Bishop: You know what they used to call me?
McGee and Torres: Scarecrow.