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The body of a Navy technician, Petty Officer Whistler, is found in the lake where a rubber duckie race is being held. Palmer says he had been strangled. McGee finds the victim's cell phone. There's a threatening voicemail on it. Jack's daughter Faith visits her office. Faith tells her she has started fertility treatments, which is why Jack had to answer medical-history questions. Because of complications, Faith needs to know who her father is. The phone threat came from a student at the college that Whistler attended. She tells Torres and McGee that he was using their computer to hack into the school's financial information. Whistler was really a wanted hacker. Palmer finds a healed knife wound on Whistler's body. His wife said he was hacking to pay for their daughter's medical bills. His best friend Taye Tanner stabbed him. Torres encourages McGee to attend his college reunion. Gibbs checks on Jack. She tells him she was raped by a college friend when drunk, resulting in Faith. Tanner didn't know Whistler was dead. They were making money off security software, but their offshore account got cleaned out, and Tanner thinks Whistler did it. Tanner has an alibi: he was at an out-of-state laser-tag conference. Jack goes to see the man who raped her. She orders him to give Faith his medical history, then bow out of her life. The college is emptied out. The college administrators were con artists, running a scam school. Dean Neil Patterson is a used-car salesman who was hired to sell the school. Portland Douglas, who pretended to be a student, was behind the scam school. Whistler was blackmailing him. When Douglas figured that out, he killed Whistler. McGee mixed up the date and missed his reunion. Faith determined that her father was a rapist. 

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NCIS Season 17 Episode 18 Quotes

Torres: You see, saint.
Gibbs: Obviously someone didn't think so.

McGee: One day you're stressing about midterms ...
Torres: The next day you're making up poop songs in the breakroom.