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A horse runs wild through Arlington National Cemetery. The horse drops a boot with a foot in it. Vance assigns McGee, Bishop, and Torres to do evidence garbage cleanup as punishment for lying about Ziva's mission. NCIS takes jurisdiction at Arlington by showing up first. Jimmy finds a dog tag in the foot. The foot belonged to Marine Sgt. David Holtzman. Gibbs suggests McGee use social media to find Holtzman. Palmer tells Gibbs a bone saw to remove the feet. VA Dr. Erica Bell tells Bishop and Torres that Holtzman is homeless. Gibbs and McGee go to a homeless encampment. Barney Williams shows them Holtzman's tent. Gibbs finds two bodies of veterans in the trash. Holtzman died of a heart attack, but Norma Jean Pfeiffer was killed by blunt-force trauma. Barney was also a former Marine who takes down veterans' stories in his journal. Gibbs and Bishop interrogate horse owner Henry Hoss, who said the horse was stolen. Dr. Bell said the VA is getting death threats after the dead vets were found. A hand belonging to Pfeiffer is found in her morgue's closet. Jack finds out that Barney was wiped financially by his late mother's illness. Kyle Freeman tells Gibbs and Jack that Barney had been attacked. Someone stole his journal. But he refuses to leave the encampment. Gibbs sets up a watch on the camp. Barney feels he didn't complete his mission either for his mother or his Marine unit. Gibbs impounds Melissa the podcaster's audio files. A veterans' funding bill passes. Kasie points at Mercy Point Mobile Care as a private firm that benefits from the bill. Kyle, whose family owns Mercy Point, is the killer. The homeless veterans, including Barney, help Gibbs capture him. Vance releases the trio from garbage duty. Barney tells his story to social media.

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NCIS Season 17 Episode 4 Quotes

Gibbs: You see that guy over there [Palmer]?
Nowitski: Harry Potter?
McGee: We call him The Chosen One.

Much as I love getting bossed around by field agents on a daily basis, bossing them around is even better.