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Insomniac Marine Corporal Laney Alimonte wakes up after sleeping through the night. Then she finds a bloody gun in her refrigerator. A baseball crashed through Gibbs' window. He returns it to a new neighbor, a boy named Phineas. Bishop, McGee, and Gibbs go to Laney's home. Laney's medicine cabinet is full of prescriptions. The gun is registered to Joe Cortez. Torres and Bishop find Cortez shot dead in his house. Laney is being kicked out of the Marines. Cortez's signet ring is missing. Laney's fingerprints are on the gun's grip and his ring was in her car. Laney had been hypnotized by her therapist, Dr. Pershing, the night before. She thinks Pershing made her murder Cortez. Jack brings in Dr. Grace to explain hypnosis to the team. Grace tries to hypnotize Bishop but she hypnotizes Torres instead. Gibbs and McGee interrogate Pershing. He says he hypnotized Laney to help her with her insomnia. Gibbs finds an envelope with a note and money in it from Phineas. Gibbs meets Phineas's mother Sarah. Kasie discovers an incident from 12 years ago, with Pershing driving the car when his college roommate, who claimed to be hypnotized, committed a robbery. Dr. Grace thinks the right patient could be hypnotized to commit murder. Laney went after another Marine with a pair of scissors, which is why she was being discharged. Jack thinks Laney has a condition that needs a medical doctor. Kasie determines Lacey's fingerprints were planted on the gun. Jimmy said Laney is allergic to peanuts and couldn't have gone into Cortez's house. She was framed. The team locates a woman with whom Cortez was having an affair. Her husband Roger threatened Joe. Roger is a patient of Pershing. He confesses that he set up Laney. Laney gets a general discharge. 

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NCIS Season 17 Episode 5 Quotes

Torres: Shot with a small-caliber weapon.
Bishop: Nine millimeter? Now where have I seen one of those before?

Drugs. Lots and lots of drugs.