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The gang attends a crime scene when a body is found.

They realize there are stones in the victim's body, something that sends them all on a mission to find out more about what happened.

Torres speaks to his therapist and says he still has some things he needs to work through.

They're both kidnapped before the session completes and wake up in a cell in the middle of nowhere.

The men want access to Grace's computer to allow them to find Vega, someone they think stole everything from them.

Grace denies the boy exists, but after they shoot Torres, she takes them to the place of the kid being held.

In the end, the NCIS agents catch up and Grace escapes as her captor is killed.

The rest of the team finds Nick in the nick  of time as he attacks the other captor.

They all get to safety and Nick starts to wonder whether he's been doing the right thing.

He promises to tell his team everything.

Kasie throws a party for Ducky that makes everyone come together, but she uses Parker's home as the location.

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NCIS Season 20 Episode 3 Quotes

Kasie: Did you tell Ducky?
Parker: No. I said nothing.

Gunman: Tell us the password.
Gracie: No.