On NCIS Season 2 Episode 24 - the season finale - the team continues to hunt for the terrorists who are using kids. Find out more when you watch NCIS online.

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Dorneget's mother CIA Agent Joanna Teague joins the NCIS team on their hunt for the terrorists who are using children to place bombs.

Abby and McGee discover that the terrorist masterminds have been sending the same set of songs to all of the kids in the group. McGee is also told that a video game has been sent to them all.

Abby figures out that the songs all contain messages to the kids. McGee is told that they are also told to play a video game to the end, in order to uncover a secret message that is sent to them.

Meanwhile, Gibbs is frustrated by the smug attitude of one of the terrorists, Matthew Rousseau, who gives him yet another hint about a bomb that's about to be deployed, this time in Arizona.

McGee informs Gibbs that two of the daisy-chained S-mines have gone off in a park near the Grand Canyon.

Gibbs takes Luke under his wing, but is warned by Teague that he's being taken for a ride by the boy. Gibb's own conscience - in the form of Mike Franks - is giving him the same warning.

Luke is abducted from Gibbs home and taken to Iraq. Tony, Gibbs and Teague go to Iraq to find him.

They eventually discover Luke, a girl and the mastermind of "The Calling" - a man named Daniel Budd.

While in Iraq, one of them is shot.

Who is shot, and what's the outcome?

Was Teague right about Luke?

What's Budd's aim in all of this?

You can find out all of this and more when you watch NCIS online.

Episode Details

On NCIS Season 12 Episode 24, after the shocking loss of one of their own, the team continues to investigate the terrorist group targeting kids on the season finale.

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0 (126 Votes)
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NCIS Season 12 Episode 24 Quotes

Vance: What's your next target?
Sadiq: Among others? Old stubborn men sit on benches their entire lives and get set in their ways. Age, director. Age is the enemy of enlightened youth.

Tony: We want the boy. What do you want?
Daniel: Just to be heard. To be respected. Not to be handed your broken promises.
Tony: Welcome to the generation gap. Old habits die hard, Daniel.
Daniel: Or they just die.