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-The Hawks plan a carefully orchestrated outing for Rex with a PR firm involving interviews, press conferences, and added security.


-Rex tells TK he's gay and asks for his support.  TK balks and shoots back the Rex never supported him when he returned from rehab. He had to face that alone.


-Rumors fly about The Hawks having a gay team member. After hearing Toes hate against any gay players, TK speaks up against him prompting Rex to come out to the entire team.


-After a tumultuous game, Rex throws TK the winning touch down pass.  Then Rex comes out to the public in a press conference with TK and several other players in attendance to support him.


-Matt tells Dani he's in a relationship but he's not sure how involved he really is, then he goes about sabotaging his relationship with Noelle who accuses him of being in love with someone else.


-Matt asks Dani to dinner. She accepts and they kiss while Nico watches.  Nico tells Dani he's taking a job with Mark Cuban and moving to Dallas.


-Before Nico can leave the FBI stop him for questioning. Noelle goes to find Matt but hesitates. She has a positive pregnancy test in her purse.


Necessary Roughness
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Necessary Roughness Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Like a science experiment it's suppose to go boom. Instead you just fizzle out.


I'm sorry if this is bad timing for the team, but this is happening, The only question is how are you going to handle it.