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Max is still seeing the ghost of Georgia. He freaks out when he thinks she left him, but she's still there. She tells him she won't leave him until he's ready for her to.

Iggy gets a call that there is a baby ready for him to adopt in Texas, and he has 24 hours to get there.

A car dumps a woman outside the hospital before taking off. Lauren gives the woman, Shayna, Narcan. She says she's in pain and asks for Helen. When she sees Helen, she tells her that her percocets aren't working for her chemo pain and she's using heroin now.

Vijay joins a case with Agnes who is telling a family that their son has MS. He wants to get to the bottom of what's ailing him.

A pregnant woman, Gabby is brought into the hospital with a pulmonary embolism. They say the baby died on the way to the hospital and Max has to break the news to this woman that her baby is stillborn and she has to deliver it. She wants him to stay with her and he does.

Lauren has a surgery for her leg, and her mother is supposed to come and support her but she doesn't show. Floyd is there with Lauren instead even though she pretends like she doesn't want him there. He checks on her during the surgery and brings her her favorite meal afterward. Her mother never shows.

When Shayna leaves the hospital, Helen tracks her down at a heroin den, and she convinces her to go to a safe site where she can shoot up safely. She takes her to someone named Omar, and Helen doesn't agree with what he does, but it's better than the alternative.

Max brings Gabby's baby in the room to see if she wants to say goodbye. It's in a special bassinet for stillborns. Gabby doesn't want to, so Max tells her she has all the time to say goodbye when she's ready and he won't let anyone move her, disturb her or kick her out. He stays outside her room and guards it while she's grieving.

Iggy comes to see Max, and Max tells him that he's not ready to let go of Georgia or let anyone else in yet.

Kapoor goes to Iggy to ask him why Ella stopped in to see him. Iggy won't say.

Helen brings Shayna back to the hospital, but the police come and arrest Helen. Castro gets Brantly to come bail out Helen and the charges are dropped, but Helen has to face the board.

Max tells Gabby about seeing Georgia and his own grieving. and how he doesn't care if it's healthy or not because of it making him feel better.

Floyd reprimands Duke for making promises when he can't.

Kapoor and Agnes figure out their patient has Measles and that he's dying, but Agnes finds a solution for him and saves him.

Martin finds out about the adoption and tells Iggy not to come home.

Ella tells Kapoor she's keeping the baby.

Gabby holds Sophie and says goodbye.

At home, Max finally says goodbye to Georgia.


New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Will you stay with me?


Max: I thought you left.
Ghost Georgia: I thought you wanted me to.