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Max is still having visions of Georgia.

Helen has a patient who is in a wheelchair. The medical device used on her I'd believed to have been what contributed to her paralysis.

Helen looks into it further and when Elizabeth undergoes surgery to remove the plate in question, the surgeon reveals that Elizabeth never needed it in the first place.

Helen and Max do some research into the surgery and realize that the surgeon made an error and was covering his own tracks. The surgeon is no longer working at New Amsterdam.

Max wants to talk to the intern who was there during that surgery during that time and it was Hartman the man who tried to save Georgia.

Max speaks to him and he says that he reported the error to Fulton but nothing was done. Max and Karen go see Fulton who admitted to covering it up and getting rid of the surgeon.

Max is disappointed in his mentor. He and Helen break the news to Elizabeth and she wants to sue the hospital. Max is slowly realizing that he does need to work with Karen more.

Max wants to expose the surgeon too even if it opens them up for a lawsuit by him.

Max made apologies to Helen for not accepting her gift and he told her how he doesnt want strangers in his house.

Iggy runs a support group for veterans and wants them to act out a play. The veterans all have different experiences and beliefs about their service that they disagree with.

One veteran nathan doesnt want to relive his trauma via this play and Kapoor constantly reminds Iggy of this but Iggy doesnt pay attention. Kapoor offers to step in for Nathan and shares that he also served in the Indian infantry.

He performs for Nathan and he and Iggy share a hug.

Floyd's patient has leukemia. She has rare blood AB and needs bone marrow transplant. Her mother has to reach out to her father who hasn't been around so floyd does it for her.

The father needs the call and donates. He watches his daughter through the glass but he doesnt go meet her. This prompts Floyd to tell Evie he wants to invite his dad to the wedding.

Lauren is doing well in her heaing but her doctor tells her she needs pain meds and can't to through the process without them.

Lauren is worried about her sobriety. Helen offers to be the one to administer the drugs, but Lauren goes to Zach instead.

Helen brings all of their friends to Max's house to help him clean. Ghost Georgia tells him to let them in and he does.

New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Max: Sorry, you reported the doctor who covered up a botched surgery, and there is no record of an investigation? Who the hell did you report him to?
Hartman: The dean of medicine. Peter Fulton. I told him everything. Nothing happened.

Max: So we did this. A New Amsterdam doctor cut her spinal cord.
Helen: And put a plate in to cover it up.