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  • Everyone speaks and says goodbye to Kapoor and his funeral ceremony including Agnes and Casey who have returned or the occasion.
  • Max spends time with Chaplain Alpert giving out food to the homeless
  • Kapoor's son is brought into the ED. Lauren makes the call to put him in a coma.
  • Max and Helen are shocked by all the new changes and Helen confronts Wilder about them and she tells her about the Resistance and how everything is still there but not in plain view.
  • Leyla tells Lauren that she doesn't want her to leave because the ED needs her to stay.
  • Lauren finds some drugs in Rohan's possession and takes and pockets them
  • Iggy has a young patient, 8, who wants to be emancipated from his parents and seems to have all the answers.
  • Max is outraged by everything Veronica has done, and he wants to help, but everyone has moved on after he left.He keeps going off on people.
  • Wilder talks Helen through all the changes that they've been making and calls Max to the morgue. They inform him of how things operate now
  • Mia makes some requests to Fuentes, and Fuentes agrees to them in exchange for information about the resistance.
  • Iggy learns that his patient is working with two lawyers and they just want a shrink on the books for his case.
  • Iggy talks Jack into weekly therapy.
  • Lauren talks to Helen about needing to leave and how the hospital is taking a toll on her sobriety and her sanity. She doesn't feel she has the right to leave and Helen tells her to take care of herself.
  • FLoyd lets it slip that patients can potentially die with the way things are going.
  • Wilder does a surgery on the Chaplain in secret and Max is shocked.
  • Just as they're about to perform surgery, there is a knock at the door. It's Fuentes.
  • They save teh chaplain but not at New Amsterdam.
  • Iggy talks to Rohan.
  • Veronica holds a meeting with everyone. Wilder tries to take the fall for everyone and resigns but Veronica refuses.
  • She demotes Iggy from chair of the department. Veronica also asks Lauren about her resigning and Lauren declines to do it, but Fuentes accepts her resignation anyway.
  • Mia didn't snitch. Floyd did.
  • Max is ready to go. Helen tells him to stay behind and fight for the hospital.
New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Fuentes: So what do you know about the so-called Resistance?
Mia: It's funny you should ask about that.

Lauren: Why are you doing this?
Leyla: Because I'm not going to be your reason for leaving.