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Jess spends the weekend watching Sarah, Russell's daughter, and wants everything to go smoothly. But, of course it doesn't. CeCe thinks she might be pregnant, Nick invites his date over to the loft for dinner, and Sarah develops a crush on Nick. 

Sarah is really upset when Nick brings his date, Chloe to dinner, and locks herself in Jess' room, but not before revealing that Chloe is only 18 years old. Nick is dumbstruck.

Schmidt finds out about CeCe's pregnancy scare and is surprisingly elated. For a little while, Schmidt allows himself to be in a real relationship with CeCe, asking her out and even planning to marry her. But it turns out that CeCe isn't actually expecting, so their relationship reverts back to what it was and Schmidt has to distract CeCe so she doesn't see his "Marry Me" written in skywriting.

Meanwhile, Winston has to pick up his boss Joe and drive him to a guest appearance on a talk show, but Joe has other ideas. After trying to avoid the talk show at all costs, he finally reveals that Michael Strahan, the host of the show, makes him feel like an idiot. Winston gives him a pep talk and convinces Joe to do the interview. 

New Girl
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New Girl Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Schmidt: CeCe, are you pregnant?
CeCe: I don't know. We have to wait for the test results, but I'm late.
Schmidt: We made a caramel miracle!

An Indian-Jewish baby? Who wouldn't want that? Think about the bone structure!