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-The morning after their break-up, Jess and Nick resolve to tell their friends about it.

-But when Winston informs them that he has finally passed the police academy exam and wants to celebrate, Jess and Nick decide to pretend to still be together for one more night, to keep Winston's party from feeling awkward.

-Feeling like an emotional wreck after their break-up, Nick takes some of Schmidt's anti-anxiety medication.

-Jess, seeing how calm Nick is, assumes that he is dealing well with their break-up, and feels even worse.

-Jess and Nick confide to their respective best friends that they are broken up, but ask them not to tell anyone.

-Winston demands that the gang celebrate him with a "honey roast"--a roast where only positive things are said.

-A doped-up Nick MC's the event, while an increasingly drunk Jess dresses up as Ferguson the Cat for the party.

-Jess then takes control of the roast and begins insulting everyone, including Nick.

-She then confesses their break-up.

-She and Nick both admit to each other that their break-up has left them feeling horrible.

-Cece plans to take her GED test.

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New Girl Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

Nick: I know where you live!
Jess: And I live where you live!

Boob season's over, for you!