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-After having difficulty making friends at her new job, Jess takes Nick's advice and decided to drink to fit in with the 'cool' teachers.

-It works! They accept Jess as one of their own.

-But Jess's bad behavior with her new teacher friends begins to escalate in a way Nick didn't anticipate.

-Nick follows Jess when she and the other teachers go to the school principal's house to play a prank; Nick tries to rescue Jess from punishment when she is caught trespassing by the principal. He isn't able to, but it turns out that the punishment isn't very severe.

-Schmidt continues to juggle Cece and Elizabeth, leading each to believe that he has dumped the other--a charade he is able to maintain, even at an office party that both women attend.

-Winston asks Daisy to be his girlfriend. She agrees, while handing over her cat to him to cat-sit.

-However, Winston soon comes to believe that Daisy is cheating on him; he then comes to believe that murdering her cat is an easier way to deal with it than breaking up with her.

-Unable to murder Ferguson the cat, Winston dumps Daisy when she confirms her infidelity, and decides to keep Ferguson for himself.

New Girl
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New Girl Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Schmidt: No sig oths.
Cece: Just say "significant others."
Schmidt: Maybe you have that kind of time, but I'm on a tight sched.

I wouldn't even begin to know how to steal a swag.