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-Schmidt makes good on his threats about trying to break Nick and Jess up--by undermining Nick's confidence (so that he can't perform sexually) and by tricking Jess into believing that to please Nick, she must perform a deeply unappealing sex act on him ("the Captain" of the episode's title).

-After both suffer much stress, Nick and Jess realize that they are victims of Schmidt's plan. This realization brings them even closer together.

-Winston tries to negotiate a sexual encounter with a female cat for Ferguson the Cat before he is neutered.

-Winston does not realize, however that the female cat's owner (guest star Riki Lindhome) thinks she is the one being asked out on a date.

-After the female cat's owner realized that her cat was the one being propositioned, Ferguson the Cat does not have sex and neither does Winston.

-Schmidt writes Cece a letter and leaves it under her door, then spies on her to watch her read it; she uses it to throw out a piece of gum while on a date with another man.

-Nick not only opens up his feelings to Jess, but becomes obsessed with expressing them, to the point of not being interested in anything else (like, oh, let's just say for example, sex).

New Girl
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New Girl Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

He's gonna have to get...it rhymes with "flute-ered."


Jess: I have to show Nick...something in the bathroom.
Nick: It's tiles...I'm so bad at lying! It's for sex!