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On New Girl Season 4 Episode 4, Jess is challenged by the guys to prove that she is not shallow. She meets an attractive guy at the bar and they immediately hit things off. The only problem, he has a micro-penis. Jess does not let this get to her and she goes ahead with the date. The only problem is, the guys is a complete jerk. He has an unlikable personality and Jess is put off by it right away. When she tries to get out of the rest of the date, Nick tells her that this just proves that she is shallow. Jess of course can't let Nick be right, so she goes ahead and finishes the date. She tells her date, in the end, that things are just not going to work out. He immediately thinks it is because of his shortcomings but Jess goes to his apartment and pleads her case. At his apartment, she finds out that he is in a relationship. Things end quickly after that.

Meanwhile, Cece and Winston decide to play a trick on Coach and Schmidt by convincing them to try out modeling. Both Coach and Schmidt compete but in the end, Coach lets Schmidt win when he finds out that they have both been played.

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