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On New Girl Season 4 Episode 5, Jess finds out that Coach is sleeping with a couple of teacher's at the school. This immediately causes a problem, as there is a no fraternization policy that is in affect. Things become complicated when a sexy new science teacher is hired and Jess is torn between giving into her attraction to the new teacher or standing her ground by not fraternizing. She holds a meeting for the teachers and while it doesn't go over well, she throws out the no fraternization policy, things look bleak when the principal lets her know that even though the teacher's can date they cannot. So looks like things won't be moving forward with Jess and the sexy new teacher.

Meanwhile, the friends decide to get a landline phone because the reception for their cells in the apartment is crappy. Nick reluctantly, at first, becomes the secretary at the loft and takes messages for Winston and Schmidt. Things take a turn when Nick becomes obsessed with getting the messages to his friends and even going as far as dictating their lives. Schmidt and Winston decide to get an answering machine to prevent Nick from damaging their lives any further. Nick of course does not take kindly to this and continues to take messages and possibly ruins things between Schmidt and a magazine article that is supposed to be written about him. Thankfully Nick saves the day by having Winston act as Schmidt to take the interview and it all goes well. 


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New Girl Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Oh my god! Will you not stop till the whole world is arosed?


If you feel things getting sexual say, "shut it down!"