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In tonight's episode of New Girl, we finally got some laughs!

--Schmidt, wanting to win a big account, asks Nick, Winston and Coach to take part in a focus group on sponges. He tells them exactly what to say but of course things do not go the way he planned. Nick hits on a woman, Coach creates a unique story about sponges and Winston tries to talk about him being Thor and the sponge being his hammer in the focus group. Schmidt's boss realizes that it is rigged and gets ready to fire him before Nick pleads a case for him. Nick saves the day and also scored a date with Britney, the woman he was hitting on in the focus group. Schmidt then delivers a pitch on sponges with the help of Nick and he wins the account.

-Meanwhile Jess's dad comes to visit with his new girlfriend, Ashley. Unfortunately she is Jess and Cece's nemesis from high school and Jess does everything in her power to try to break them up. After talking with her dad, though, Jess realizes that they really do love each other and she helps her dad win Ashley back. Jess runs in the middle of the road, gets ran over various times, but helps her dad propose. She goes back to the loft and the friends drink to her dads engagement.  

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