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On New Girl Season 4 Episode 14, Jess sees a spider on Schmidt and swats it off of him, but Nick reminds her Schmidt is deathly afraid of spiders and now he is going to overreact. Schmidt proves Nick right and declares war on the spider and Jess even invites Cece to join the hunt.

While hunting down the spider Jess wants to know what is going on with Cece and when Cece won't open up about her feelings Jess goes straight to Winston. Winston at first won't give up any information, but Jess thinks she figures it out when she sees Cece talking with Nick and is convinced Cece is pursuing Nick and is in love with him. At first Jess is not a fan of the pairing, but she accepts it and even locks them in a room together so they can get their feelings out. After they emerge from the room Nick reveals they talked about the popcorn machine Cece has been wanting in the bar and Cece tells Jess she was never after Nick. Cece finally reveals to Jess that she is still in love with Schmidt, but she can't do anything because he is in a relationship.

Meanwhile, Schmidt thinks he killed the spider, but it turns up on Schmidt's face and he has a complete meltdown. When his girlfriend Fawn gets to the apartment she is able to calm Schmidt down and slap the spider to death. 

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