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A rundown of this week's episode:

- Nikita shows up too late to a murder scene of a woman named Anna that Thom committed under the instruction of Michael, successfully completing his training and making him an agent.

- Nikita shows up to Anna’s ex boyfriends job to interrogate him and then goes to the club he tells her about, where the Senator and Division are meet so he can tell them his affairs so they can eliminate the women.

- Division watches Nikita walk into the workplace of Anna and finds out that Anna was pregnant. Nikita calls the police to find Anna and connect her to the Senator but Division cleans up her body first.

- Thom tells Alex he’s been promoted to agent and Alex tells him he seems unsure. Thom then tells Alex that the girl he killed was a Russian spy.

- Nikita visits Anna’s parents, and finds out that Anna was a spy, and her parents were her handlers. Ari makes Nikita work for him by shooting her up with a toxin that lasts 12 hours, and will only give her the anti-toxin if she agrees to work for him.

- Alex tells Nikita she must work for Goegle, and Nikita tells Alex that she refuses to, and must get the anti-toxin for her to live. Alex steals the antidote and places it in Thom’s jacket pocket.

- Nikita corners the Senator and makes him let her pose as his date. She uses the Senator as a body guard and escapes.

- Gogle tries to negotiate a deal to Nikita working with them, and she refuses.

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Nikita Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

A killer with a conscious; it's no wonder they cut you loose.


The target from yesterday, she's still dead right? Cause she just clocked into work.