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Stephanie's friend Lena was attacked and she wanted to try and figure out who did it, but Jim suggested she leave the crimefighting to him.  This started a who-has-the-better power struggle leading to both trying to out maneuver the other to see who could solve the case first.  


After making no progress, they decided to combine efforts and figured out the attacker was a man named Tom Seeley who could turn into steam.  He had been treated by Lena and Dr. King at a local prison where other "supers" had been inmates.

After Tom saw a photo of Dr. King and told Jim and Stephanie that he had been the one behind the "experiments" on him, he fled to the lab and knocked King out, but Stephanie and Jim arrived and prevented him from killing King.

King watched the surveillance tapes back and saw Jim and Steph use their powers. 

Meanwhile, J.J. and Daphne were both asked out by seniors. Jim objected to Daphne dating a Chris, but high fived J.J. for the same thing. She went out with him anyway, got in a fight and left on her own. She was confronted by a would-be attacker, but Chris came to her aid. The attacker pulled a gun but Daphne was able to use the power of suggestion to influence him to put the gun down and walk away.  When she got home, she also influenced Jim's mind to prevent him from grounding her.

J.J. went out with Bailey, whom Daphne determined really did like him, but he was only using Bailey to make Natalie jealous.

King confronted Joshua at Katie's apartment, threatening to tell Katie about what Joshua had done to Daphne.  King delivered information about Joshua and his past to Katie.  Katie confronted Joshua with the information, but he wiped her memory of the conversation with King.

No Ordinary Family
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No Ordinary Family Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Doesn't he know that lots of super couples work together? Cyclops and Phoenix; Green Lantern and Hawkgirl; Power Man and Iron Fist. Ok they're not really a couple, but you know I've always had my suspicions...and there's the stop talking face.


It's a cross between your angry face and your stop talking face, the second of which I'm more familiar with.